Family Dinners
Conversations with Loved Ones
Enjoying Music
Watching your Favorite TV programs
Listening to the Sounds of Nature


What do all of these things have in common?  They are all activities that enrich our daily lives.  They give our lives meaning and make memories that last a lifetime.  

However, if you are one of the 37.5 million Americans that suffer from a loss of hearing, enjoyment of everyday activities can become difficult if not impossible.  Not only does hearing loss impact our interactions with friends and loved ones, it impacts our brains ability to process correctly and has even been linked to declining brain processing over time.  

It is our mission here at Physicians Hearing Service to not only treat hearing loss but treat the individual.  Even if patients have similar hearing loss, no two people are the same.  People have different lifestyles.  People have different communication needs and priorities. Our Audiologist will not only diagnose your hearing loss but also get to know you as a person and tailor a plan to meet your communication needs and goals.  We take pride in the fact we are not a box store or one size fits all clinic.  Each and every patient is treated by the same Audiologist.  No matter if it is just to clean and check your aids, solve a hearing aid issue, or purchase of a new set of aids, our Audiologist will treat each and every individual as valuable and a part of our family.  

Physicans Hearing Service has hearing aids for every budget and financing options are available.  Don't let another moment of life slip by without full involvement and enjoyment.  We thank all of the patients who have trusted Physicians Hearing Service for their hearing healthcare needs. For over 24 years we have been in business and continue looking forward to helping many more discover the joy that quality hearing can bring!  Call and schedule an appointment with the Audiologist to start your journey to better hearing today!

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